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Pleasure is your Super Power so let’s reclaim it and release the shame together.

Haven Wholeness Studio

What is Haven Wholeness Studio?

Haven Wholeness Studio is a community for women who believe God loves them and they can be free and celebrated in every aspect of who they are including their sexuality. 

Hi! I'm Lauren Scott, I am a psychotherapist specializing in trauma and Women's Sexual Wholeness Coach who loves to talk about the intersection between sex and faith. 

I bring together spiritually-minded compassionate women to witness and celebrate each others becoming so that we can pursue wholeness in every aspect of our lives as we break free from the things that keep us captive and spread freedom throughout our neighborhoods, communities, and the world at large.

Benefits of joining the community:

Meet other women like you who are deconstructing their faith and integrating their sexuality

Find inspiration and hope through the act of communing in a safe sacred space.

Share empowering stories to inspire and uplift each other. 

Learn new tools to support you on the healing journey.

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